ClubKitty Charity Gig
Sunday, 14th August, 2005

CLUB Kitty presents a kinky kool recovery event at the headquarters of Salon Kitty on Sunday 14th August from 6pm till midnight.

This event is a low key networking/recovery event aimed at showing some Sydney hospitality to our interstate and overseas guests - who will be given preference to attend - please get your acceptances in soon as this will be an event not to be missed.

Please RSVP By Sunday 7th August for catering.

Entry by donation to:
CARE Australia

Please give generously
If you can afford your rubber, you can afford to donate!

What is ClubKitty?

ClubKitty is a BDSM party night for amateurs, either experienced players or novices. It's an opportunity to have fun while enjoying all the facilities Salon Kitty's has to offer.

We have a vast array of equipment, both small and large, at your disposal. You are more than welcome to bring your own equipment but we strongly suggest it is clearly marked to avoid confusion with other patrons or house equipment.

Generally speaking ClubKitty events are more laid back than the more intense Salon Kitty's "Professional Mistress" parties, with more opportunity to socialise, and a comfortable chill-out area where play is not permitted. There is more opportunity to socialise without pressure.

On the other hand, there are seven well equipped play spaces where you can exercise your inspiration! There are professional dungeon monitors on hand to help with the equipment and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. As you would expect at Salon Kitty's, there is a full range of safety and hygiene equipment on hand.

Bottomless soft drinks are available at the bar, and BYO is acceptable. There are secure cloak facilities. There are strict smoking and non-smoking areas.

Dress is fetish (minimum black), although changing at the premises is encouraged.

ClubKitty is conducted at council and health department approved specialist BDSM premises.

The premises are close to Central Station (5 minutes walk) and to bus routes, and there is parking in local streets although none at the premises.


Some of you will have seen the Salon Kitty's Rotisserie at the first Sydney RubberBall. ClubKitty will be your chance to have a go! More fun than Luna Park. Strictly for thrill seekers. It's not often that a genuinely original piece of bondage equipment arrives on the scene.

Email or phone Salon Kitty's on (02) 9318 2477 for bookings and payment.

Dress code: Fetish - minimum permissable is formal wear or black. In other words, you won't be permitted entry unless you have made an obvious effort. Changing area and secure cloak facilities are available, although it's the usual "all care, no responsibility" caveat.

For any further information feel free to contact Mistress Amanda

Some Testimonials From previous ClubKitty

I wanted to drop you a small note to thank you very much for the fantastic evening on Saturday night. Peter, Dee, Mac and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and are sorry there was not more time to enjoy what was available.

The wheel was serious fun with well aimed canes beautifully marking my thighs and tits. But the wonder is the state of my dear wee bottom. Such a delightful set of colours and hardness that evidences the long and involved flogging I was lucky enough to receive.

We are only sorry that these parties happen so infrequently :) Thank you again for making such a wonderful space available to those of us who appreciate it

I would like to thank you for opening Salon Kitty's for the Sydney BDSM community on Saturday night.

It was my first attendance there, though by no means my first play party. It was a function which felt meticulously and professionally planned. The execution of that planning was immaculate in that it ran as unobtrusively as a well-oiled engine.

The dungeons were wonderful. Not only clean and astonishingly well stocked but aesthetically pleasing too, giving a lie to the popular conception that BDSM is a sleazy affair. I was very impressed by the level of hygiene and by the Mistresses on hand to monitor and assist play (a big thankyou to the blonde Mistress in latex who explained the suspension gizmo in the downstairs back dungeon and who helped with the chains).

It struck me on Saturday night that you take a risk, opening your Salon and its equipment to outside people, not all of whom are known to you. I appreciate that and thank you for it.

Thanks for a great evening at Club Kitty's last night. We had a fantastic time and greatly appreciated your and your staff's hospitality. We had heaps and heaps of fun!

Dear Amanda, David, receptionists and all the Mistresses from Clubkitty,

Thank you so much for the kindness you showed us during the Clubkitty party. Leslie and Mistress Maria made us feel so welcome, we were very nervous, they gave us advice and made us feel relaxed in an atmosphere that was in many ways overwhelming. For us it was a long held ambition to enter the mighty realms of Salon Kittys - the price made it possible. We will definitely be returning to any future events.

It certainly was a great night and massive thanks to David and Amanda for opening up for us all. The dungeons were brilliantly stocked and exceptionally hygenic and organised, which is just fantastic. Signs of a professional establishment that's for sure. If anyone is thinking of going there - do yourself a favour .........

Mira you were in the maids outfit? - I wasn't sure, grrrrr. Would have chatted; but yes you did look lovely and served so beautifully :).

Again thank you Amanda and David - hopefully you'll be running another Club Kitty soon.

i'd like to publicly add my thanks to Mistress Amanda, David and the Mistresses at Salon Kitty's not only for having Club Kitty but for making my first experience so special.

A few people on this list have asked me to let them know how i went at the party. i had a blast, i'm still smiling!!!

Mistress Amanda allowed me to arrive a little early and help out and meet the Mistresses. She had spoken to the Mistresses and told Them how nervous i am and that it was my first experience. Mistress Amanda lent me a French Maid outfit and even more importantly helped me work out what all the bits where and were they went! Then Mistress Maria took me aside to do my hair and makeup, She is a magician and made me look prettier than i have ever been in my life :) The Mistresses really took good care of me and kept checking all night that i was okay and including me in Their conversations. i was a little too shy to talk to many of the guests but the ones i did speak to where absolutely lovely. i was allowed to hide .. errr help out in the kitchen and only come out for brief periods to deliver food and say hello to people at my own pace.

At the end of the night when most of the guests had left Mistress Amanda offered to give me my first spanking privately, regretfully i chickened out. At no time was i ever pressured to do anything i didn't want to or feel up to.

i had a brilliant party and can't wait for the next one :)

I just wanted to say thankyou for an absolutely brilliant Club Kitty party last night.

The facilities and courtesy of your staff were definitely first class and laid the ground work for what was a very enjoyable time. I sincerely appreciate that you closed your business for the night to open it to the wider Sydney BDSM scene, it was a great treat!

I would highly recommend the Club Kitty parties to anybody that is looking for an amazing night out. I hope we get to see many in the future *big hint!* LOL

For more information, email Mistress Amanda Dwyer, or phone Amanda on 0418 280846 or David on 0418 310312.

Tickets available by credit card (phone 9318 2477) or email, or in person at Salon Kitty's, 310 Cleveland St., Surry Hills, Sydney.


Why are there no photos?

There are literally millions of photos on the internet. ClubKitty is a live event and we look forward to seeing people enjoy themselves in person without having to worry about a camera. Sometimes it's nice to have a public photo album, but that's not really the purpose of ClubKitty. It is possible to have photos taken by the house photographer (on request), but otherwise no cameras are permitted.